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Children’s Book Workshops

Description:  Children ages 7 to 14 work along aside art teacher/self-published author Adrienne Sousa and graphic designer/publisher/editor Lora Gallagher to create personalized books with endless options of topics! Whether your child documents and illustrates a family trip, a pet’s shenanigans or even a fictional tale, the final product will be a keepsake for sure. At the end of the workshop we will turn each child’s bold collages, watercolors, and drawings paired with storytelling into a paperback book available for sale on Amazon. That is right, they will become published authors!

Class Dates

Email  to set up a class date at your location or ours. We can do group or individual classes.



Workshop: $325 for a four-day workshop. (includes publishing your book and making it available on Amazon plus one printed  copy of your book!).